Your Hawaii Statewide Candidates
Michael Kokoski
US Senate

Why are you running for the U.S. Senate?

I am running for United States Senate to represent the people of Hawaii on the floor of the United States Senate. To that end, I will seek to obtain an exemption to the Jones Act, for Hawaii; I will introduce legislation to complete the federal interstate highway systems on Oahu, to connect the outer islands together via a federal ferry system called H20; I will call for a vote of no confidence in the Uniform Controlled Substance Act of 1971 (which subjects people to trial by legislature in drug cases); And I will call for an audit of the Federal Reserve Bank.  I will represent the people of Hawaii with my last breath of life, because I love you, and I will do my very best to keep the federal government out of your private life. I will defend the rights of unborn children, support the poor, the homeless, the fatherless/motherless children, the aged, handicapped and the prisoners, against tyranny and against bad legislation designed to kill, imprison and enslave such people. I will be your friend in the United States Senate, and I will break every unconstitutional act of Congress that I can find, and get them off of the books so that the people of Hawaii never need fear the federal government again.




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Alan Yim
US Representative
District I

Alan Yim was born and raised on Oahu. A former US Marine, he has seen the disastrous impact of US foreign policy first hand. Currently a Business Economics major at Hawaii Pacific University, Alan seeks to spread the message of liberty and change the political landscape of Hawaii.


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gregory arianoff
Gregory Arianoff
House Representative
District 3

As a consultant, Gregory has influenced and shaped many businesses around the nation and worldwide. His international background brings a wealth of information, ideas and political views founded on liberty to the local Hawaiian scene.

As a business owner and current director in a prominent East Hawaii hotel, Arianoff has propelled sales & revenues, re-configured operations, revised marketing plans and introduced a new way of thinking. With these techniques he plans to influence policies towards free markets and civil liberties in all branches of local government and reinstate a constitutional approach.


How much government do you think there should be?

Government should be limited to the extent of our Constitution; it should be there to provide us with roads and infrastructure, to protect its citizens from foreign and domestic threats and allow true capitalism to flourish.  Our Government regulates everything to “help” avoid bad things from happening. Through this, we have lost our ability to make good choices; because we have little or no choice at all.


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Michael Last
House Representative
District 5

Mr. Last is a retired electrical engineer. Michael was employed by a large municipality tasked with analyzing the usage of electrical energy for water treatment plants and pumping stations.  Michael moved to Hawai'i over 20 years ago, residing continuously in the Ka'u district. Mr. Last  first became active as a candidate by seeking elective office; first as an Independent and then as a Libertarian in Orange County, New York and later in Hawai'i.



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Anthony Higa
House Representative
District 19

Why are you running for office?

Low voter turnout leads me to believe that many residents are discouraged and therefore stay away from the political process.  When I run it will provide the people with a 3rd Party option, something rare in this state.  Also, I want to become engaged with the community I grew up in by walking house to house listening to their concerns and ideas.


Why are you running as a Libertarian?

Because of two basic principles.  First is accepting personal lifestyle choices.  I don't smoke marijuana but if others want to then it's their choice, not mine.  Second is economic freedom.  People who work hard and are creative should keep their earnings, not be forced to distribute to others.


What is the role of government?

Protecting privacy and property rights, using the courts to settle disputes, and making sure we have choices in life.


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Michelle Tippens
House Representative
District 24
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Kimberly Arianoff
State Senate
District 1

Kimberly is a third generation Hawai’i Island resident. Her grandmother was the eldest daughter of B. Ikeuchi, founder of Ikeuchi Hardware Store in Honoka’a. Kimberly attended Waiākeawaena Elementary School until the third grade, and then moved with her mother and father to O’ahu. After graduating from Pearl City High School, Kimberly went to college in Long Beach, Calif. and enjoyed a career in the fashion industry for twelve years. In 2001, Kimberly moved to Las Vegas, Nev. and soon after her move, met her husband Gregory. They married in 2007 and now have two daughters, Olga and Yaeko.


Not long after Olga was born, Kimberly and Gregory decided it was time to move “home” to Hilo to raise their family. Having fond memories of her childhood, she wanted her girls to grow up with the same sense of community she did. Kimberly feels strongly that it takes a village to raise a child and knows that Hilo is a town that embraces, lives, and breathes that lifestyle.






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Fred Fogel
House Representative
District 3


1966 – National Science Foundation summer scholarship, Mathematics

1967 – High School, with honors

1971 – Pennsylvania State University, BS, Industrial Engineering

1976 – University of Southern California, MS, Systems Management

1979 – Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, Total Quality Management

1985 – Air Command and Staff College

1996 – Air War College



1971-1976 – USMC, aviator F-4 Phantom

1976 -1977 – Sandy Brodie’s Motorcycles, service writer

1977-1991 – Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard, industrial engineer

1977-1987 – Hawaii Air National Guard, 199th Tactical Fighter Squadron

1987-1991 – Hawaii Air National Guard, 154th Civil Engineering Squadron

1991-1993 – Louisiana Air National Guard, 159th Civil Engineering Squadron

1994-2005 – Hawaii National Guard, advisor to the Adjutant General (quality, process improvement and planning)


Public Service

O Ka`u Kākou

Friends of Puna’s Future

Friends of Hawaii National Park

Volcano Community Association

HOIE Community Association - member, secretary and president



Motorcycle touring, Self-sustainability, Maine Coon cats (small business owner), Kids, Politics (individual freedom and less governmental intervention)


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Arnold Phillips
State Senate
District 10

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Joseph Kent
State Senate
District 11

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Harry Ozols
State Senate
District 13

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Roman Kalinowski
State Senate
District 15

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