A self-regulating free market economy (primarily by voluntary consumer groups), including support of the right to keep and bear arms, opposition to drug prohibition, and elimination of the state-supported social welfare system and indeed all taxation for voluntary alternatives along lines of the Libertarian originated Alaska Permanent Fund.
Strong civil liberties including free speech, freedom of association, sexual freedom, and a foreign policy of free trade, non-interventionism, and opposition to the initiation of force (particularly military) to attain goals...



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The LPH is seeking candidates for the 2020 election.


Our priority is the state legislature.  If elected you will be receiving a salary of about $56,000 for four months full time work and whatever part time efforts you wish to put in the rest of the year.


We are happy to have candidates who do not have all the qualities we are looking for as long as they are good libertarians.  Chances of winning are impacted when a candidate has more to offer. Logistics in terms of the candidate’s time commitment, ability to raise money or contribute their own funds, are also clearly important to getting into the legislature. 


Please contact Tracy Ryan if you’d like to discuss this at 808-534-1846 or

What we are looking for:


  • People who are good libertarians and can offer libertarian oriented solutions to the problems of the district they are running in.  One should have a basic fluidity with both social/civil liberties issues, and fiscal/economic freedom ones.  Please visit the world’s smallest political quiz to determine if you are libertarian.

  • People skills are very important in any serious campaign.  A candidate should not be wary of knocking on doors, making phone calls, and speaking to groups. A candidate should be a good listener and realize that he or she doesn’t have all the answers.

  • It is advantageous to have roots in the district, ties to friends and family there, a business there, etc.  If you grew up and/or went to high school in the area that is a big plus.

  • If you have some political experience or have worked on community or non-profit projects that is also a help.

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The name of the Libertarian Party derived itself from the word" liberty." The essence of libertarianism postulates that if individuals were to live in an world without coercion, the individual would reach his highest potential. Taken into the political arena, The Libertarian Party would eschew interventionism, domestic and international. The party asserts that protecting The Bill of Rights together with property rights, should be the sole intent of government. To join the Libertarian party, each member must take an oath affirming that he does not subscribe to the initiation of force to achieve political or social goals. Unlike other political parties that use aggression to achieve political or social goals, The Libertarian party offers a platform based upon self-ownership and non-aggression.

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